17B1 W200 - X-ray Scattering


Three wiggler X-ray beamlines have been specially designed to share the total 13 mrad of the horizontal radiation from the 25-pole 1.8-tesla wiggler insertion device located at beam port 17. These beamlines take 3, 4, 3 mrads of horizontal radiation, respectively. There is only 1.5 mrad separation left between each two adjacent beamlines for all the hardware mechanism assemblies.

This beamline is primarily designed for the scattering and diffraction experiments. This beamline collects the best part of the central 4 mrad of the wiggler radiation. The photon beam, after the graphite filter at 11 m, the water-cooled collimating mirror at 12.3 m and Be-window at 15.5 m, passes through the C-mono chamber and another Be-window and then is dispersed and sagittally focused by the 17B monochromator (B-mono) located at 23.9 m. The monochromatized and horizontally focused beam is then vertically focused by a bent cylindrical mirror at 27 m. The sample location of this beamline can be chosen between 32 and 42 m inside the hutch depending on the chosen Sagittal focusing condition. This beamline delivers X-ray photon beams with energies from 4 to 15 keV with energy resolving power of up to 7000.

This beamline has one experimental station currently. That is the general purpose X-ray scattering station BL17B1 equipped with a multiple-axis precision diffractometer.

Areas of Research

Surface interface, thin-film structure, and X-ray scattering.

Light Source

TypeWiggler 20
Source SizeHorizontal αh = 3 mrad
Period Length20 cm
Number of Poles 13
Magnetic Field1.8 T
Energy Range5~14 keV
Thermal Power 125 Watt/mrad

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+886-3-578-0281 Ext. 1172

BL Spokesperson

Lin, Yan-Gu (林彥谷)
+886-3-578-0281 Ext. 7120

BL Manager/Local Contact

Chiu, Shang-Jui (邱上睿)
+886-3-578-0281 Ext. 7128


  • X-ray diffraction and scattering


    General Information

    • Source: Wiggler 20
    • Energy Range: 5~14 kev
    • Focused Spot Size: 1.5 × 0.25 mm
    • Status: Operational

    National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center

    101 Hsin-Ann Road, Hsinchu Science Park, Hsinchu, Taiwan 30076