14A1 BM - IR Microscopy

Infrared Microspectroscopy ES

The TLS 14A IR beamline was designed to extract mid-infrared radiation for FTIR microspectroscopy studies, collecting 70 x 30 mrad2 (H x V) of the radiation generated by a bending magnet of Taiwan Light Source (TLS) storage ring of 1.5 GeV, covering spectral range of 4000-400 cm-1 (2.5 - 25.0 micron in wavelength). The highly collimated beam provides high lateral resolution and which is especially suitable for measurements on micron-sized samples.

The optics of the beamline consists of a plane mirror (M1), two polynomial mirrors (M2 and M3), and several steering and collimating mirrors (M4 and M5 are parabolic and plane mirrors, respectively.), designed by using SHADOW ray tracing simulation [1]. Mirror M1 is water-cooled and made of explosion-bonded Glidcop/ stainless-steel substrate, located 1.22 meters from the arc source of bending magnet. Mirror M1 is with a centered slot for transmitting the X-rays radiation trapped by a water-cooled beam dump, installed with its manipulator inside of chamber of the bending magnet. Mirrors M2 and M3 are high-order polynomial bendable to effectively and precisely focus the infrared radiation from extended arc source of the bending magnet [2-5] at the same location at the downstream beam path for the focused spot by applying stresses against the short-side of mirrors M2 and M3, respectively, to alter the focus length for each of M2 and M3 as illuminated in the Figure 1.

The end-station includes FTIR Spectrometer and Infrared microscope. The beamline is currently set up for multidisciplinary studies.

Figure 1. The optical layout of the NSRRC TLS 14A IR beamline.

Parameters of Light Source

Type1.23 Tesla Bending Magnet
Beam Spot Size< 15 micron (diffraction limited)
Energy Range4000-400 cm-1 (2.5-25.0 micron; 0.5-0.05 eV)
Brilliance (brightness)1 x 1016 (photons/sec/mm2/mrad2/200mA/0.1%BW)

Areas of Research

Material science [6-31], earth and environmental science [32-53], paleontology [54-57] and medical science [58-74]


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